Honeywell Platinum 16200 Air Purifier ReviewThe Honeywell Platinum Air HEPA 16200 is an air purifier for use in small rooms. It comes with a HEPA-Type filter that will clean up to 99% of airborne particles from the air. It’s good for removing dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores from the air.

Having an air purifier at home or in your office should greatly reduce your susceptibility to allergies and disease through airborne particles. If you want to stay in optimal health you’ll need to make sure the air your breathing is clean.

The Honeywell Platinum Desktop Purifier comes with one air filter and an ionizer that will help to freshen the air. Odor lock technology is used to remove smells from the air. It also features antimicrobial treatment and an electronic check reminder to let you know when the filter needs replacing.

Honeywell┬áis a world leader in energy efficiency and clean energy generation. It employs over 130,000 people around the world and is based in Morristown, New Jersey. Over 20,000 engineers and scientists work on producing the best commercial and consumer products as well as aerospace systems. Honeywell’s focus is on quality, delivery and value for money.

Value For Money

In regards to value for money the Honeywell 16200 Desktop Air Purifier is a good investment provided you only need it for a small room. At this price though, you could probably buy a couple for a large room and still come out on top.

This is probably one of the best investments I have ever made! So good I bought another one and plan to get several more one for each room in my house… more

Compact For Tight Spaces

They don’t call it a Desktop Air Purifier for nothing. This small little unit will fit just about anywhere, on your desk, under the table, on the bookshelf, etc. It weighs just over 6 pounds and is only 14 inches long.

Size is very compact. It can be placed horizontally or vertically to save space and does a very good job of removing particles from the air… more

Strong Sucking Power

The Honeywell Desktop 16200 has a number of fan speeds. On the lowest setting it will suck in less air but also operate quietly. The high setting will be a lot noisier but has quite a strong suction to get air really flowing around the room.

This thing puts out a considerable amount of filtered air, even on the low speed setting… more

Good Dust Catching Capacity

The filter will remove up to 99% of dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles from the air. It’s not a true HEPA filter which can remove particles down to 0.3 microns but it does a good job for most applications.

It works perfectly in the bedroom, and even does a fair job in a larger open space. We just let it run awhile before moving it into a different room… more

Ionizer For Cleaner Air

The ionizer will give your room that fresher, cleaner smell and help to remove odors from the air. The Honewell Desktop Purifier comes with a dial to turn the ionizer on and off because I know some people don’t like to use the ionizer in their home.

I bought the desktop air purifier due to perfumes/mold etc in the office area. I am located in a cube so it works well, would work better in an office but it still does a good job. Takes all the heavy smells out of the air and refreshes it… more


Includes HEPA-Style filter to remove up to 99% of particles in the air
Comes with an ionizer for extra cleaning power and helps freshen the air
Features odor-Lock technology which helps remove common household odors
Filter comes with an electronic check reminder and antimicrobial treatment
Dual positions, horizontal or vertical, for use in tight spaces

Pros & Cons

The big feature of this Honeywell Air Purifier is how compact it is and how it can be used vertically or horizontally to save space. It’s also very cheap so you can buy a couple of them for large rooms or houses.

On the negative side it doesn’t use a permanent filter so you will need to replace it every 6 months or so depending on how dusty your room is. The purifier can also be a little noisy on the high settings but you can always turn it down to low when you are at home or sleeping.

What Others Are Saying

Super Value!Super Product! I purchased two of these little units and I must say they are definitely a bargain at this price.Most importantly though they really do the job… more

For asthmatics (like myself) I can instantly feel the air becoming fresher. If you have asthma, buy this product! It will help you immensely! Put it in your bedroom at night, and you should see symptoms lessen in the mornings. However… more


The Honeywell 16200 Desktop HEPA Air Purifier is recommended for those in small rooms or dorms because it may struggle to process all the air in any space larger than 110 sq ft. It is not recommended for those who want a full air purifier for their home or office space. You can see the best price for this air purifier here.


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