Honeywell Eviracaire Air PurifierThe Honeywell Enviracaire Air Purifier uses a permanent HEPA filter to trap dust, pollen and mold helping to keep the air clean and you healthy. It’s perfec for large spaces up to 390 square feet. The Enviracaire uses a true HEPA filter which means it can trap particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

This purifier is powerful enough to change all the air in a small room 23 times per hour. It’s great in large rooms too and has the capacity to filter all the air 5 times per hour, while removing up to 99.97% of common household pollutants.

The Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier comes with the Intelli-Check indicator to let you know when the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. This eliminates the guesswork so you can relax and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

Honeywell is a world leader in energy efficiency and clean energy generation. It employs over 130,000 people around the world and is based in Morristown, New Jersey. Over 20,000 engineers and scientists work on producing the best commercial and consumer products as well as aerospace systems. Honeywell’s focus is on quality, delivery and value for money.

Great Air Cleaner For A Healthier Home

Getting rid of mold and allergen causing particles is very important to keeping your immune system healthy and strong.So what exactly is the Enviracaire air purifier able to filter out? To begin with it will remove mold spores and germs which could potentially cause you to become sick or make your immune system work overtime. It also filters out pollen, smoke, dust and pet dander which are known to cause allergies. This air air purifier has a true HEPA filter which will even remove VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemicals emitted from certain solvents, cleaning products and other materials. It will also remove odors from the air, giving your home that clean, fresh smell.

I have two dogs and the house started to smell like them. I tires carpet cleaning with no luck. (And yes, I give the dogs a bath) This purifier is GREAT! I would highly recommend it. It is noisy, but works wonderfully… more

Best Value Purifier

Some air purifiers can cost you $1,000 or more. If you want clean air but don’t have the budget right now for an expensive model you’ll be pleased to know you have a few options to choose from. The Honeywell Enviracaire is one such model and should clear the air of allergens, mold spores and odors quite effectively. Others can do the same job, but at this price the Enviracaire is hard to beat.

Is Honeywell 50250N the best purifier? Absolutely not! IQ Air purifiers are considered the very best, but their cheapest model is $700 and many are above $1000. Honeywell 50250N is one of the most effective purifiers in its prize range. more

Easy To Mainatain
The Enviracaire comes with a long-life HEPA filter so there’s no need to replace it at least for a few years. It can be cleaned and it’s recommended that you vacuum it out once every 3 months to extend the life of the filter even further.

Great For Those Who Have Allergies

Do you have allergies to smoke, pollen, pet dander or something else? The Honeywell Enviracaire 50250-S will effectively filter out these allergens giving you the peace of mind to go about your house free from care. Just make sure when you vacuum the filter you do it outside to avoid having any particles re-enter your home.

Let me start off by saying that I suffer from being allergic to cigarette smoke and my husband and I live in an enclosed apartment complex. Now I no longer complain about the smoke in our apartment and my husband also enjoys less sinus and nasal pressure… more


Removes 99.7% of particles in the air

Round design that works well for large rooms up to 390 sq ft.

Comes with long-life true HEPA filter and pre-filter

Has electronic filter indicator to let you know when to replace filters

Pros & Cons

The Honeywell Enviracaire 50250-S is a powerful unit that cleans the air well. It’s relatively cheap and comes with a filter that is easy to care for.

Some customers have noted that the machine is fairly loud. It’s a white noise so will mask out other noises but you may want to check this if you think you will be sensitive to this sound. Be aware also that the 50250-S does not come with a permanent filter. It is a long life filter that will need to be replaced after approximately 3 years. The 50250-N has a permanent filter.

What Others Are Saying

Powerful, inexpensive, permanent HEPA filter, easy to maintain, 360 degree air intake and output, portable, accessible replacement parts, good support from Kaz… more

Pro: very good ratings from Consumer Reports but… more


The Honeywell Enviracaire 50250-S HEPA Air Purifier is highly recommended. It’s great value for money and uses a true HEPA filter. Best price for this model can be found here.

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