Hamilton Beach 04383 Air Purifier ReviewThere’s so many dust and allergens floating around in the air that it’s no wonder so many people are getting sick. It’s not only spring time that causes allergies to flare up, people are having trouble with allergies all year long. This is because they are unable to deal with the impurities in their own home.

Hamilton Beach provide a solution with the True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner. This air cleaner, or air purifier, provides cleaner air by filtering out up to 99 percent of impurities with a HEPA-grade filter. It has a compact design that you can place in any room. It also looks pretty trendy so will fit well with your home decor.

The Hamilton Beach 04383 has  received really good reviews from customers and is priced at the cheaper end of air purifiers so it’s great value for money. It has three speed settings and a simple control knob. The purifier has a slim tower design just six inches wide.

Hamilton Beach distribute home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment all across the country. The have a strong brand name and pride themselves on delivering superior customer service. They currently sell over 35 million products each year.

Can Hardly Be Heard

This air cleaner is very quiet and on the low setting you can barely hear it. This means you can leave it on all night while you’re sleeping. In fact even on the medium setting you shouldn’t have any trouble going to sleep. It’s a white noise also, so will help to block out other disturbing sounds.

On low the fan can barely be heard, medium is like a normal fan noise and is not bothersome at all. I actually enjoy this white background noise… more

Permanent Filter

This air cleaner comes with a permanent filter so you never have to buy new ones. You’ll save money and the hassle of searching around for the right filter. All you need to do is clean the filter with a vacuum every six months to make sure it is free from dust and other debris.

Another reason I bought it is that it IS a HEPA quality cleaner. But I don’t have to buy replacement filters–ever. This one has a “permanent” filter, which I didn’t even know existed… more

Helps You Breathe

Do you have allergies or just want to breathe cleaner fresher air? This air purifier will do just that. Many people have noticed a big difference to the way they breathe and seen a big reduction in their allergies.

This machine is so quiet and helps me breathe some much better at night against my allergies. I am so happy with this product, and the filter is very easy to clean and has lasted for over a year now… more


The Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner comes with a permanent HEPA-grade filter that’s ideal for small to medium-sized rooms up to 160 sq ft. This filter will remove airborne allergens and leave the room feeling cleaner.

It comes with 3 speed settings, all of which are said to be ultra-quiet. It has a tower design and can be used standing up or lying down. The Hamilton Beach 04383 has dimensions of 13.5 inches high by 8.5 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Pros & Cons

This air cleaner works pretty well for a smaller air purifier. A big plus of this model is the cheap price. It stands up well compared to other units in this price range. The permanent filter is also really handy so you can save yourself the big expense of buying new filters.

This doesn’t have the quality or power of larger models and you’ll definitely need something bigger if you want to get rid of cigarette smells.

What Others Are Saying

It’s incredibly quiet and it has helped his allergies a lot. After about a month of constant use on the medium setting, I vacuumed the filter. It was filty. I was very impressed with how much dust it pulled from the air… more

Our daughter has allergies and we’ve tried several different air purifiers. This is by far the best we’ve tried. It is much quieter than others, compact size, the filter is permanent, and it… more


If you’re looking for a cheaper model this is recommended as a buy as it outclasses the other units in this price range. It’s available in black and white and you can find the best price for it here. If you’re looking for a full air purifier that will clear the air of gases and smoke smells try a larger model such as the Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier.

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